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Why have a private scan?

Why have a private scan?
Private scans aren’t just for the rich and famous. The majority of our patients are ordinary women who have many different reasons for wanting a private scan. If you come to us for pregnancy scans you can still have your baby on the NHS. We will happily communicate with your NHS obstetrician or midwife to ensure you receive the very best in antenatal care.

We can provide you with:
• a wide choice of scans
• more detailed screening for chromosome abnormalities than is offered on the NHS
• a second opinion if  you are concerned about results of an NHS scan

We can let you know:
• the expected delivery date of your baby
• when you are ovulating to help you plan a future pregnancy
• the gender of your baby

We can reassure you if you have:
• experienced miscarriage in the past or have a had a premature labour
• a family history of genetic abnormalities
• had bleeding, tummy pains or your baby has stopped moving
• a family history of ovarian cancer and require regular screenings