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Early anatomy scan

14 - 18 weeks

At a glance

An early anatomy scan is an opportunity to examine your baby’s anatomy in detail if you have missed your 12 week nuchal scan or simply need extra reassurance.

  • Offers reassurance over anatmical development in early pregnancy
  • No GP referral required
  • Scan not available on the NHS
  • Same or next day appointments
  • Weekday, Thursday evening or Saturday clinics
  • Convenient central London location

You will receive

  • Your results on the day
  • Gender Identification from 15 weeks if you want to know
  • Complimentary black & white picture (normally £2.50)
  • Report with measurement charts

What happens with your results?
Your results are presented in a two-page report with charts.

What is it?

An early anatomy scan is where your baby’s anatomy is examined in detail, checking on growth and development.

It is also known as an early fetal anomaly scan and can be performed after the 12 week nuchal scan.


Why have an early anatomy scan?

An early anatomy scan can be performed from 14 to 18 weeks. Although your baby’s internal organs may not be fully visible at this stage, the scan gives reassurance in early pregnancy, especially if you missed your first trimester Down Syndrome Screening during the 12 week nuchal scan or are worried about the development of your baby.

This scan can be combined with a blood test to screen for Down Syndrome. For this service please see our Quadruple test.

An early anatomy scan helps to monitor the development of your baby, and although it is not strictly necessary, as a full anatomical examination will be performed during the anomaly scan at 20 to 24 weeks, it can be reassuring.

What will I see at the early anatomy scan?

The sonographer or consultant will look at many anatomical details during your appointment that may not be immediately recognisable by the untrained eye. As this can be confusing and unnerving, they will explain what they are looking at as they scan your baby.

To help the sonographer or consultant gain a better view of your baby’s organs you may need to walk around during your appointment to encourage your baby to move into a more favourable position.

What happens during the early anatomy scan?

During your appointment the sonographer or consultant will:

  • Show your baby’s heart beating and check the rate
  • Check growth by measuring the head, waist and thigh bone (femur) of your baby
  • Look at the placenta and the amount of fluid around your baby
  • Examine your baby’s organs in detail (as many as are visible)
  • Check the gender of your baby from 15 weeks – we’ll only tell you if you want to know

This data is included in a medical report detailing the health, growth and wellbeing of your baby. A separate copy will be forwarded to your GP, midwife or obstetrician.

Take a 4D peek

The early anatomy scan is performed in 2D, but if you want to see your baby in 4D you can add a 4D Sneaky Peek to your appointment.

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