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Pregnancy and fertility support

We understand that pregnancy can be a daunting and anxious time, whether you’ve conceived naturally or have been through fertility treatment.

Here at the London Ultrasound Centre we combine our high quality scanning service with a specialised support service to guide you through your journey to birth.

Even if you’re pregnancy is going smoothly, you may want to take advantage of our support and advice service that we offer once you’ve had your first five-week scan. If your pregnancy is more complicated –perhaps you have fertility problems, you’ve needed a sperm donor or you’ve had previous miscarriages – you may want to take advantage of our support groups, stress management workshops, and drop-in service, all designed to help you cope with your treatment.

Post 5-week scan support

This can be both a nervous and exciting time for you during your pregnancy, particularly if you have had fertility treatment. Many women that we see have had previous miscarriages or unsuccessful treatment. The five-week scan is the first chance to assess the viability of your pregnancy, discover whether you have a multiple pregnancy and to date your pregnancy.

Following your early pregnancy scan we will be able to give you expert advice on your next steps.

A positive pregnancy

This includes helpful advice and information about nutrition and exercise throughout your pregnancy. We also discuss the various scans available during the remainder of your pregnancy.

Managing a miscarriage

Unfortunately, not all pregnancies are successful and some result in a miscarriage. Our experienced nursing team will discuss and advise you on how to come to terms with your miscarriage, and will provide you with details on our counselling and coaching services.

Support Group at 12 weeks

A support group is held regularly for all patients who are 12 weeks pregnant or more. This is a great opportunity to meet other women who are going through the same stages of pregnancy - it gives you the chance to discuss the highs and lows and to talk about the next stages of your pregnancy.

Ongoing support

It doesn’t stop here. We know how important it is to have someone to talk to about your results and to listen to any concerns you may have about your pregnancy. Our support co-ordinator, Anya Sizer, is on hand to offer ongoing support. She runs a drop-in service twice a week and is available to chat on the phone or answer any concerns by email.

Do you want to find out more?
Contact Anya, our Pregnancy and Fertility Support Coordinator.
, or give her a call on 020 7487 8008.