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Pregnancy abnormalities

At the London Ultrasound Centre, we’re here to support you throughout your pregnancy, no matter what happens. We help women whose pregnancies run smoothly with very few problems, while we also help many women who experience problems with their pregnancies, such as abnormalities with their unborn child.

Checking for abnormalities
During your pregnancy you will have a scan that checks your baby for abnormalities. This scan takes place at 20 weeks and is called the anomaly scan. Even if you haven’t opted for private maternity care, you will still be offered this scan on the NHS.

Most fetal abnormalities can be detected during your 20-week anomaly scan. However, if your baby has already been diagnosed with an abnormality you may wish to book an appointment with us for a second opinion, or to discuss your results with one of our fetal medicine specialists during a consultation.

To make an appointment for a fetal medicine scan and consultation click here to book online, or call us direct on 020 7908 3878.

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