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NHS Wraparound Pregnancy scan package £580

Normal cost £780 - you save £200!
The 4 scans in this package are specifically chosen to complement your existing NHS antenatal care. They provide additional pregnancy observation and reassurance that is not available on the NHS. You must continue to have your two NHS scans at 12 & 20 weeks if you choose this care package.

Expert care
All scans performed by highly qualified sonographers under the guidance of Consultant Obstetrician & Fetal Medicine Specialist Dr Ruwan Wimalasundera.

Sign up today
Simply tell us immediately after your Early Pregnancy Scan that you would like to join the NHS Wraparound Scan Package – and that’s it!

How to pay
£280 at your Early Pregnancy Scan
£300 at your Gender Identification or Growth Scan

Private care
None of these these additional private pregnancy scans are routinely available on the NHS and adding them to your care will not affect your right to childbirth on the NHS. Our clinical reports are equal to or higher than NHS standards and will be accepted by any NHS midwife or obstetrician. We are available to communicate with your primary pregnancy carer should they have any queries regarding our clinical diagnoses.

Extra scans
Need extra scans outside of the package? No problem. You can retain your package and simply add any necessary additional examinations outside the package at list price.

General Terms
None of these scans (or the GBS test) are available routinely on the NHS. You must have your 12 Week Nuchal Scan and 20 Week Anomaly Scan on the NHS.
Occasionally you may need a follow up scan e.g. Early Pregnancy, or Gender Identification scan. Follow up scans are not included in the package but are charged at a reduced rate.
Terms and conditions apply.

For more information, please download our leaflet.