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October 03 2014

The importance of Doppler scans

Did you see the BBC Panorama special "Born Asleep" on still births on Monday the 29th of September? In the report two reknown London fetal medicince specialists advocated the importance of having scans in late pregnancy that included Doppler measurements as a precaution against still births. Watch clips from the programme here, here and here. At the London Ultrasound Centre we have always included Doppler measurements with our Fetal Welfare Scan service. Book a fetal welfare scan online here and save more than money.

August 07 2014

London Ultrasound Centre on Embarassing Bodies

Did you see our sonographer Joanne Robinson performing a gynaecological scan on Embarrassing Bodies (Channel 4, 9pm, Thursday 31st July 2014)?

If not we have posted a short video clip on our Cocoon4D You Tube Channel for you to watch and enjoy.

We are always pleased to assist patients on this programme and are proud that our clinic has one again been chosen to contribute.

July 04 2014

New role for Professor Ian Jacobs

Congratulations to our colleague and fellow resident of 112 Harley Street Professor Ian Jacobs on securing a new academic role in Sydney Australia.

Professor Jacobs has been providing private ovarian cancer screening services at The London Ultrasound Centre since the summer of 2013, and his clinics will soon be covered by his expert consultant friend Dr Adam Rosenthal.

We wish Professor Jacobs all the best for his new position at the University of NSW and hope to see him back practising at The Ovarian Cancer Screening Centre some day in the future.

April 09 2013

Private Maternity Services at the London Ultrasound Centre

Now available at the London Ultrasound Centre; Private Maternity Care by a specialist obstetrician.

We are pleased to announce the arrival of an experienced consultant who has successfully delivered hundreds of healthy babies in the London region.

Mr Ruwan Wimalasundera is available for private antenatal care in our consulting rooms, where patients can also enjoy the convenience of having their private pregnancy ultrasound scans in our state of the art scanning rooms just next door.

If you are considering private maternity care in London please call us on 020 7908 3878 or send an enquiry from Mr Wimalasundera's website.

Precious pregnancies deserve private maternity care!

December 20 2012

Harmony prenatal genetic test now available!

We are pleased to announce the arrival of the Harmony prenatal test.

This ground breaking new method of screening for Down Syndrome (the Harmony Prenatal DNA Test) detects microscopic levels of fetal cells in the mother's blood to produce a 99% accurate detection rate and has been keenly anticipated by both medical staff and pregnant women alike.

Although the new genetic blood test does not replace traditional methods of diagnostic testing via a CVS or amniocentesis it is 100% safe and there is no risk of miscarriage or harm to the unborn baby.

Read more about the test here. For the safest, most accurate screening for Down Syndrome book your appointment now at the London Ultrasound Centre.


November 22 2012

Ten minute test predicts premature birth

A test to determine if a woman is likely to go into early labour and subsequently deliver a premature baby is now available privately at The London Ultrasound Centre.

Our Premature Birth Screening uses a combinantion of the Fetal Fibronectin Test, information about gynaecological history and unique risk calculation software to estimate the risks of premature labour.

The revolutionary 10 minute test has the potential to save the lives of thousands of babies that are born prematurely every year in the UK.

Read more about this groundbreaking new clinical service on our website or see this recent article in the Daily Mail.

June 06 2012

IVF pregnancies prone to ‘higher risk of complications’

Recent report by the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists (RCOG) says IVF patients are more at risk from complications than naturally conceived pregnancies.

This is why we care for all IVF patients from The London Women's Clinic and their precious babies.

Read the entire article on the BBC news website.

May 31 2012

New 4D baby scaning technology ‘HD Live’!

London Ultrasound Centre is proud to announce the arrival of the latest, state-of-the-art high resolution 4D ultrasound machine to it's new Harley Street address.

The GE Voluson E8 Expert complements our existing E8 machine and will soon be installed in our spacious Suite 1.

However this new scanner is equipped with the very latest advancements in ultrasound scanning including SonoAVC follicle tracking software for automated volume counting, and the amazing HD Live 4D scan rendering.

HD Live baby scan imageThis ingenious piece of technology creates even more realistic images of babies in the womb by combining a new surface rendering technique for smoother skin appearance, with a moveable 'light source' to enable the best 4D baby scan images you will ever see.

The machine will be used for all routine fertility, pregancy and gynaecology scans as well as our award winning Cocoon4D baby scans. The addition of this machine along with our market leading Cocoon4D media packages ensures the London Ultrasound Centre remains at the very cutting edge of ultrasound technology. We believe we are the only commercial 4D baby scanning facility currently using this machine to produce media for parents to take home.

Patients will begin to notice the difference from Monday June 11 when our new GE Voluson E8 Expert machine is rolled into Suite 1 to begin active service.

May 15 2012

Jaz from The Voice UK comes to the London Ultrasound Centre

Jaz Ellington and his wife Kirsten came to the London Ultrasound Centre in April for a private pregnancy scan, and were filmed for the BBC series The Voice.

Under the watchful eye of expert operator Celia Goldsmith the star parents discovered the sex of their unborn baby in our brand new Harley Street clinic.

Watch the video here and see Jaz as he discovers the gender of his first baby!

May 03 2012

Recommended by The London Women’s Clinic

Patients undergoing IVF treatment at the highly regarded London Women's Clinic have their first pregnancy scan at 7 weeks gestation at the London Ultrasound Centre.

These precious pregnancies are entrusted to our highly skilled team of experts by the fertility experts directly opposite us on Harley Street.

IVF patients often exhibit higher risk factors than pregnancies that are naturually conceived, and so it is logical that only the very best in prenatal care is extended to the parents as part of their IVF package.

The message here is; if these special pregnancies are exclusively cared for by the London Ultrasopund Centre, shouldn't you be booking your private scans with us?


March 16 2012

London Ultrasound Centre has moved

We have moved!

Since Monday the 26th of March 2012 we have moved to a bigger, brighter and better place at 112 Harley Street London W1G 7JQ.

Our new state-of-the-art clinic is on the corner of Harley and Devonshire Streets and just a 5 minute walk away from old current location.

Remember to come to our clinic in Harley Street.

We look forward to welcoming you to the new London Ultrasound Centre!