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From £165
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Gender identification

From 15 weeks

At a glance

Looking for an earlier, more accurate method of fetal sexing? With the Non-invasive prenatal test we can supply greater than 99% accurate gender identification from 10 weeks gestation. For more information see this web page.

A Gender Identification Scan will reveal if you’re having a boy or girl as early as 15 weeks gestation.

• 95% accurate
• No GP referral required
• Baby gender scans not generally available on the NHS
• Price includes Growth Scan baby health check
• Same or next day bookings
• Weekday, Thursday evening or Saturday clinics
• Convenient central London location

You receive

• Your results on the day
• Complimentary black & white picture (normally £2.50)
• Gender identification is combined with a growth scan
• Two-page clinical report

What happens with your results
We always check on the wellbeing of your baby when we perform any scan and for this reason the gender scan is combined with a growth scan that checks your baby’s health.

The results are presented in a two-page report. During your appointment we will go through your report and fully explain our diagnosis.

How is it done?

Using 2D technology the gender scan is usually performed through your tummy, but sometimes the sonographer will ask to perform an internal scan to gain a clearer view. But don’t worry, there are no risks to the mother or baby.

We can give you the results of your scan during your appointment, as long as the sonographer has obtained a clear view of your baby’s gentalia.

Although a gender identification scan is an ultrasound examination specifically performed to reveal the sex of your unborn baby we also combine this scan with a growth scan to check on the health.

How accurate is the scan?

When clear views are obtained our results are 95% accurate. Only a diagnostic test will give you a definite answer, but since these tests carry a risk to the unborn child, we don’t perform them unless genetic testing is required.

Gender identification is performed using conventional 2D ultrasound technology. 3D and 4D scanning technology offers no advantage nor do they provide greater accuracy.

Provided your baby is in a good position we will tell you the sex during your appointment. You may need to walk around during your appointment to encourage your baby to move into a more favourable position.

What’s on the report?

You will receive a report with our prediction of the gender of your baby.

It will also include various measurements and related charts from your growth scan.

What if I have a multiple pregnancy?

If you have a multiple pregnancy it may not be possible to identify the gender of every baby.

Appointment times for multiple pregnancies are also longer to allow the necessary time to examine each baby, therefore costs are higher.

What else should I know?

Here are a few more details about our gender identification scan, if you have any other questions please contact us:

  • Cost of the service is based on a conventional scan via the tummy (trans-abdominal)
  • An internal scan (trans-vaginal) may be necessary, especially from 15-16 weeks
  • Internal scans are charged at an additional £50
  • We don’t charge for gender identification during our routine pregnancy trans-abdominal scans after 15 weeks gestation
  • If we are unable to achieve a result you will be offered a follow-up scan at a reduced rate
  • You will be charged the full price of the gender identification scan to cover our professional time even if we are unable to obtain a clear image