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Fetal medicine consultation

18 weeks onwards

At a glance

A fetal medicine consultation is recommended if you have a high risk pregnancy where an anomaly has been detected.

  • Expert care from our fetal medicine specialists
  • No GP referral required
  • Wednesday and Friday clinics
  • Convenient central London location

You will receive

  • Half hour consultation with a fetal medicine specialist
  • A scan, blood test or genetic laboratory test if required (fees are in addition to the above)

What happens after the consultation?
Depending on the outcome of your consultation you will receive a letter from the consultant within 48 hours of your appointment. If you have also had a scan you will receive a report on the day, or if your case is more complex, 48 hours after your appointment. Results from blood and genetic testing may take up to two weeks depending on the test required.

What is it?

A fetal medicine consultation is useful if your pregnancy has been identified as high risk.

A high risk pregnancy is usually where an anomaly has been detected in an earlier pregnancy scan, often at the 20 week anomaly scan, although it may be after your 12 week nuchal scan. The scan may have identified one of these pregnancy abnormalities


When can I have a fetal medicine scan and consultation?

We recommend that a fetal medicine consultation is booked from 18 weeks gestation. It is not possible to reliably examine the anatomy of an unborn child before this time.

If you’ve already received a high risk result from a nuchal scan screening you should consider a CVS or amniocentesis, If you woukld like to dioscuss your options for diagnostoic testing as the result of a high risk a please book a fetal medicine consultation.

About our expert medical care

You can book a fetal medicine consultation with our fetal medicine specialist, Dr Ruwan Wimalasundera.

Mr Wimalasundera is a perintologist – an obstetrician with special training in fetal medicine focusing on high risk pregnancies.

He diagnoses, treats and consults on hundreds of cases of fetal abnormalities every year.

Where further assistance is required, we call in experts in specialist areas, such as genetics.

Meet our team

What happens during a fetal medicine scan and consultation?

During your appointment our fetal medicine specialist will ensure you receive a comprehensive diagnosis and consultation with time to discuss your pregnancy. Our specialist will:

  • Consult with you on your case history
  • Analyse your previous scan reports
  • Counsel you over the likely outcome of your pregnancy
  • Produce a detailed report
  • Suggest a future management plan
  • Recommend a suitable specialist or specialists who may assist with your pregnancy or post natal care

The specialist may also recommend an ultrasound examination, blood or genetic testing at addtional cost.

You will receive a written report 1 - 2 days after your appointment.

Our consultant will also write to your midwife or obstetrician detailing your results if necessary.

What's my next scan?
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