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20 Week Anomaly scan

20-24 weeks

At a glance

The anomaly scan is an important milestone in your pregnancy. It provides a detailed anatomical check with growth measurements and looks for the first signs of genetic disorders. This scan is sometimes called a level two fetal ultrasound.

• Detailed anatomical survey
• Checks for genetic problems
• No GP referral required
• Appointment duration twice as long as the NHS
• Same or next day appointments
• Weekday, Thursday evening or Saturday clinics
• Convenient central London location

You will receive

• Your results on the day
• Two-page clinical report
• Complimentary black & white picture (normally £2.50)
• Gender identification at no additional cost, if you want to know

What happens with your results?

Your baby’s anatomy and organs are checked and its expected growth and welfare measurements are calculated. Your results are presented in a two-page report complete with charts.

During your appointment we will go through your report and fully explain our diagnosis.

What does it do?

The anomaly scan is the first opportunity to examine your baby’s anatomy in great detail, as at 20 weeks your baby’s internal organs are now clearly visible and your baby is more likely to adopt a favourable position allowing for a detailed examination.

It’s the first opportunity to see images of your baby in its infant form, and is a great opportunity to strengthen the bonding process with your unborn child.


What it checks for

The anomaly ultrasound scan examines the baby in detail to:

  • Check the baby’s anatomy
  • Determine the size of the placenta
  • Assess the amount of amniotic fluid
  • Measure the baby’s growth – including the baby’s head, brain, abdomen and legs
  • Check the heart, brain, spine, bowel, stomach, bladder, kidneys and limbs for any abnormalities
  • Assess the placenta, amniotic fluid and umbilical cord
  • Determine the sex of the baby – if you wish

Depending on the position of your baby, you may need to move around the scanning suite during your appointment to encourage your baby to move into a better position for examination.

All the measurements will be added to our Fetal Database and your pregnancy record for comparison with earlier and subsequent scans.

Why should I have an anomaly scan?

It is important that any abnormalities are detected at this stage so that the remainder of your pregnancy, delivery and any post natal treatment is put in place if required.

It also allows you sufficient time to prepare or make difficult decisions on the rare occasions where a severe abnormality is discovered.

When will I get the results?

You will receive a medical report detailing the health, growth and well being of your baby. A separate copy will be sent to your GP, midwife or obstetrician.

In the rare case that a fetal anomaly is detected, we will refer you to one of our fetal medicine specialists.

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