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Fertility scans

Are you trying to conceive or having fertility treatment?

At the London Ultrasound Centre we provide a complete range of ultrasound scanning services if you’re trying to conceive naturally or are undergoing fertility treatment at another clinic. We’ve successfully monitored the cycles of many women being supervised by treatment centres all over the world.

Our specialist fertility scans

Follicle tracking scans  – designed for women having assisted conception cycles at another centre, regular scans track a growing follicle all the way through to ovulation and beyond.

Endometrial thickness scans – measures the thickness of the womb and can accurately predict ovulation.

Ovulation scans  – monitors your ovulation and predicts when it will be at its optimum for fertilisation.

Fertility blood tests

We also offer a range of specialised blood tests to assist with your treatment. See our individual fertility scans for more details.

Extra support

We’re experts in our field, and understand that whatever your fertility problem, it can be a time of worry and anxiety. Why not take advantage of our special support service that is tailored to help you deal with the highs and lows of your treatment. Read more.