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Your questions

Do I need a referral to attend your clinic?

No. You do not need a referral from your GP or gynaecologist. Our  patients tell us that it is quicker and simpler to attend our clinic for an ultrasound examination and then see their GP or gynaecologist for a follow up consultation should the result of the scan require medical attention. We will always provide a detailed medical report addressed to your GP or gynaecologist.

Can you prescribe medication or recommend surgery?

While we are able to provide you with accurate and reliable ultrasound examinations our clinical staff cannot prescribe medication nor recommend surgery from what they have reported. If they find anything unusual they will tell you immediately and recommend that you take our report to your GP or gynaecologist for ongoing medical care.

Must I be a British national or hold an EU passport to use your service?

No, we care for patients from many different nationalities outside the UK or EU. The London Ultrasound Centre is an independent private clinic and we have no formal affiliations with the NHS (National Health Service).