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Early Pregnancy Weekly Scan Package £99 per scan

Normal cost £150 per scan - you save up to £255

At the London Ultrasound Centre we understand just how nerve racking the first trimester of early pregnancy can be. It’s a long wait until your first 12 week scan on the NHS and you want to make sure everything is OK with your growing baby. That’s why we have created this flexible and cost effective package of weekly early pregnancy scans specifically for IVF parents and/or patients of precious pregnancies.

34% discount, you pay only £495!

Many patients come to us for a private early pregnancy scans at around 6 weeks gestation to confirm the wonderful news that a pregnancy test has already told them. However the following 6 weeks of wait until their first NHS scan can seem like an eternity and sometimes all a mother-to-be want is a little reassurance that all is progressing well.

With our IVF pregnancy scan package you simply pre-pay for as many weekly scans as you need, before your 12-week NHS appointment. To qualify for our £99 per scan, (34%) discount a minimum of 3 scans are required to create the package.

Expert private care
All scans performed by highly qualified sonographers under the guidance of Consultant Obstetrician & Fetal Medicine Specialist Dr Ruwan Wimalasundera.

Sign up today
Simply tell us immediately after your first Early Pregnancy Scan that you would like to join the package, and pre-pay for the number of scans remaining up to your NHS 12 week appointment at the discount price of £99 each.

How to pay

  • £297 from week 9 (3 scans)
  • £396 from week 8 (4 scans)
  • £495 from week 7 (5 scans)

Private care
Early pregnancy scans are are not routinely available on the NHS and adding them to your care will not affect your right to childbirth on the NHS. Our clinical reports are equal to or higher than NHS standards and will be accepted by any NHS midwife or obstetrician. We are available to communicate with your primary pregnancy carer should they have any queries regarding our clinical diagnoses.

This package is designed to complement your existing free NHS care. It is not designed to replace any of the NHS scans or antenatal appointments. You must not miss your 12 week scan on the NHS.

Extra scans
Need extra scans outside of the package (i.e. the Harmony prenatal test)? No problem. You can retain your package and simply add any necessary additional items at list price.

General Terms

  • Package is for single and multiple pregnancies
  • A minimum of 3 scans is required to qualify for the package
  • You may have the scans performed at any day or time you choose, without surcharges for out of hours services i.e. after 6pm and on weekends
  • You may add extra tests during the package, i.e the Harmony non-invasive prenatal test, charged at list price
  • Package includes the listed scan services only, as performed by one of our highly qualified sonographers
  • If you would prefer a Consultant Fetal Medicine Specialist to perform one or all of your scans you simply additionally pay the difference between the fee for a sonographer and that of a consultant for any scan
  • Package does not include genetic testing, pathology or laboratory charges.

For more information, please phone us on 020 7908 3878.