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October 26 2017

Gender identification

When can I find out the sex of my baby?

Having a baby is a huge life event and whether it is your first child or a sibling, knowing if you are having a little boy or girl is an exciting moment in your pregnancy and understandably some people are keen to find out as soon as possible.  Once you know the sex you can more easily start planning for their arrival from choosing a name to decorating the nursery.  Learning the sex of your child can also help siblings and other family members bond with your child.  Some people like to announce the gender at a gender reveal party or a special event.   The good news is that you might not need to wait as long as you think to find out, with private pregnancy scans enabling sex to be determined ahead of waiting for your 2nd NHS scan.

Gender reveal scans from as early as 15 weeks

Although you can find out the sex of your child during your second NHS Scan around 18-21 weeks, private gender reveal scans can help you find out even sooner.  From around 15 weeks you can have a gender reveal scan that will let you know the sex of your child with 95% accuracy. You don’t need to be referred by a GP and next day appointments at the London Ultrasound Centre are often available.
As well as finding out the sex of your baby, you get a full growth scan, a two-page clinical report and complimentary to photo to treasure.

Blood tests from 10 weeks

The Harmony blood test can be performed from 10 weeks to check for 3 common abnormalities, which can give you peace of mind if your 12 week screening results indicate a high level of risk of one of these conditions.  The non-invasive blood test additionally provides information on the sex of your baby, should you wish to find out. Please let us know at the time of the blood test if you also want to find out the sex of your baby, as well as the results for Down Syndrome, Edwards Syndrome and Patau Syndrome.
Results take a little longer to come back – usually around 7 working days.  You will also get an accurate dating scan at the same time and a two-page clinical report. Your blood test will be alongside a scan to check the growth of your baby and you will also get a two page clinical report and a photo to treasure.
For more information about finding out the sex of your baby and available appointments contact us.

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