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October 26 2017

Gender identification

When can I find out the sex of my baby?

Having a baby is a huge life event and whether it is your first child or a sibling, knowing if you are having a little boy or girl is an exciting moment in your pregnancy and understandably some people are...

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March 01 2017

Top ten pregnancy questions answered by our midwife and sonographer Becky Rutherford

As well as being an ultrasonographer here at the London Ultrasound Centre, I am also a qualified midwife. I am always being asked questions about what women should and shouldn’t be doing during their pregnancy. Here are the top ten questions I am always asked, and the answers I give.

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November 25 2016

Questions about Noninvasive prenatal testing?

Everything you need to know about noninvasive prenatal testing from the London Ultrasound centre

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November 02 2016

Seven Scans Every Pregnant Woman Should Know About

The two basic scans offered by the NHS are helpful but may not arrest the many worries and concerns that can come with pregnancy. Here is a list of

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October 17 2016

The Science behind an Ultrasound Scan

Ultrasounds exist in nature and were first discovered in 1794 by priest, biologist and physiologist Lazzo Spallanzani when he observed that bats used ‘echolocation’ to hunt rather than vision. By 1917 French physicist Paul Langevin had developed this discovery and

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June 02 2016

Why Ultrasound Scans Have Become The Staple Of 21st Century Pregnancy

Pregnancy, whether your first or your fourth, is always an exciting experience. It’s a period of change, anticipation and vibrant excitement – after all, you’re getting to meet your little one for the first time!

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